Career Matters (or CareeringAhead®)

CareeringAhead® is a sophisticated new online career test designed specifically to help people gain objective advice on their potential future career choices. Most career tests only measure ‘career interests’, which is limiting at best. CareeringAhead® combines three different element’s of an individual to provide holistic career advice in the form of a comprehensive report.

The CareeringAhead® elements are: Career Skills, Interests and Values

CareeringAhead® Report For Adults Assessment Only

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CareeringAhead is the most comprehensive careers test on the market and offers in-depth information informing people about their future career potential.

Information For Students

As a student, making decisions about your future career can be a stressful and overwhelming process. Make sure you have the best information with CareeringAhead®. CareeringAhead is an online assessment tool that evaluates your interests, values and skills to give you personalised advice about what careers might be ideal for you.

Information For Parents

Ensure that your children have the best career advice possible with CareeringAhead®. CareeringAhead® provides your child with an objective assessment of their skills, interests and values and provides them with personalised advice about what careers they are likely to succeed at and enjoy.


A career interest test is a psychologically-based assessment that is designed to compare your child’s interests, values and aptitude with a large comparison group and match high preference scores with career possibilities that they are both likely to enjoy and be successful at.

Essentially, such tests work by comparing the interests of your child with the interests of people who enjoy, and are successful at, their jobs. The idea is that if a certain type of personality enjoys certain types of jobs, we can scientifically predict what types of jobs your child is likely to enjoy. At Psych Press, we have developed a sophisticated career test called


About the CareeringAhead® career test:

CareeringAhead® is done completely online. When you order it, your child will receive a user-name and password, and they can complete it in their own time from school, or at home. After about 30 minutes of answering 191 questions, you child will get a comprehensive report e-mailed to them. There is also a version specifically available for younger students who are at a point where they will be choosing subjects going into their final years at school. The test measures:

What You Get:

Upon completing the career test your child will receive a fully comprehensive report via e-mail. It is easy to read, and gives you detailed descriptions of your child’s strongest career interests, values and skills. The report will provide a personalized summary of your child’s highest scoring factors, and then the report goes into a detailed explanation of each. There are also clear graphics depicting your child’s individual score against the general population, to give you a visual representation of where your child’s strengths are.

Then at the end of the career test report will be a range of recommended jobs for you to consider, based on an analysis of their personal responses against responses of people who already successfully work in these positions, and taking into consideration further education that may be required.

Possibly the most useful element of the CarereringAhead tool is the fact that the career test report is attached to a database of external career resources. This provides current and detailed information on the recommended jobs, including descriptions, pay scales, supply and demand statistics, and information of entry and pre-requisites for further education that your child may need to undertake.

Career test reports provide fantastic career advice on its own, or as a supplement to professional career guidance.

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