An unconscious mind is a mind without criticism or judgement.

Our mind is divided into ‘conscious’ mind and ‘unconscious’ mind. Only 5% is our conscious and a big 95% is our unconscious. Hypnotherapy is a therapy that allows interaction with the unconscious part of our mind without the interruption of our critical or judgemental conscious mind.

Imagine that – accessing a part of your mind in its purest form.

How does hypnotherapy work?

Our hypnotherapy service allows you to take a deep dive into your unconscious to help you understand what drives your patterns of behaviour. Through hypnotherapy we will not spend lots of time talking but we will help you to ‘rewire’  or ‘rewrite’ a renewed script for your unconscious.

Hypnotherapy is suitable for…

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Parenting stress

  • Child anxiety + stress

  • Teen anxiety + stress

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What to expect in a hypnotherapy session?

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