Sleep Matters: Online Solution for Insomnia

This Online Insomnia treatment programme features 8 webinars with proven psychological information and strategies to help you regain healthy sleep patterns.

Duska walks you step by step through a successfully implemented sleep program to help you beat insomnia!

Each session is designed to help you identify, realise and implement strategies and tips and tools to help you get a handle on your insomnia (at any stage) and take back your life!

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Stress and Resilience in the Workplace

This program is designed to be like a one on one session with Libby as she walks you through how to manage your stress and build resilience within yourself, specifically to any workplace stressors you may have, but the tools and tips and guides Libby gives can be applied to any area of your life.

Things such as Identifying how stress presents itself in your body, the psychological symptoms of stress, the behavioural symptoms of stress how to cope with stress, developing your own coping resources, flexible thinking styles and much more!

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