The Comprehensive Mental Health Assessment Suite will help you understand more about your child’s complex mental health problems. This suite is appropriate for parents/carers who want to investigate multiple presenting issues or complex presentations in their child.

It is possible that this assessment will highlight some areas of concern for your child that require further investigation. If this is the case, we will discuss this with you during the included feedback session.  

1. Choose the Suite

Choose the suite that is the best fit for your child. If in doubt, Life Matters can assist in guiding you. Pay for the chosen suite here.

2. Complete the Assessment Questionnaires

Once you have paid for the suite, we will initiate the assessment process within 48hrs by sending you an email with links to psychometric measures (investigative questionnaires). These questionnaires will assess your child’s mental health/behavioural problems. These questionnaires will need to be completed by a parent and the child’s teacher. Children over 11 can complete their own self-report scales.

3. Results are then Interpreted

The answers to these questionnaires will generate diagnostically relevant information which a Psychologist will then interpret. In easy speak, the psychologist will read the results as a whole in order to understand the ‘big picture’ around your child’s mental health problems.

4. Clinical Assessment and Report is Prepared

A psychologist will then prepare a report based on the results. You will then be contacted to book in a feedback session.

5. Feedback Session is Conducted

A feedback session will be held with you and a Psychologist from Life Matters to discuss the findings of the assessment and (if necessary), the suggested intervention options to assist. The cost of this session is included in the Suite price. Medicare rebates may be available on this proportion of the cost.

If you need assistance in choosing the right suite for you or any further information. Please complete our enquiry form.

  • Psychometric Assessment Tools (investigative questionnaires)
  • Comprehensive Clinical Assessment
  • Comprehensive Clinical Report
  • Feedback session with a Psychologist (Medicare rebates may be available / recoup up to $126.50)

A feedback session allows a Psychologist to explain the results of the assessment to you. 

In the feedback session, the psychologist will provide you with copies of the report (as a .pdf and printed), assist you in interpreting the report and provide you with information regarding recommendations for any further management of your child’s clinical needs. It is also a great opportunity to ask questions of the psychologist.

The feedback session is included in the cost. A Medicare rebate may be available on this proportion of the cost.

While COVID-19 restrictions are in place – feedback sessions will be provided via video link. 

Psychologists have a professional responsibility to ensure that psychometric testing results are fully understood by their clients – the feedback session ensures this. Being provided a report without this feedback session could lead to significant anxiety and distress on the part of the parent/child due to a misinterpretation of the results. 

A feedback session ($220) is included in the cost and you may be able to claim a rebate on this proportion of the cost either through Medicare or with your Private Health fund.

To access a Medicare rebate

You will need to first contact your GP to obtain a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP). With a MHCP, you are entitled to up to 10 rebatable psychological sessions per calendar year. On the day of your feedback session, a rebate between $86.15 – $126.50 will be processed back into the account you have registered with Medicare.

Please note: as per Medicare’s requirements, we can not process rebates until the session has been held.

To access a Private Health rebate

If you have Private Health cover, you may be able to claim a rebate on the feedback session. Check with your private health fund to see if you are covered for Psychology under your policy.  

If your child is presenting with multiple or complex issues, we would suggest this suite for your child. 

If your child’s problems appear to be predominantly behavioural (e.g., hyperactivity, fighting, disruptiveness at school), we would suggest the Behavioural Problems Assessment Suite

If your child appears to have significant problems with social communication and/or engages in repetitive behaviours (e.g., rocking, hand flapping, specific rituals), we would suggest the Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment Suite

If you would like a general investigation into your child’s mental health, we would suggest the General Mental Health Assessment Suite.

If you need guidance on which assessment suite you should choose, please complete our enquiry form or call 02 4965 3530.


For more information, see Further Information & FAQs page.