The Program.

The Boss Brain program teaches kids how to be the manager and director of their own emotions and behaviours. Over 10 weeks, kids will learn basic education about how the brain and nervous system work, gain strategies to down regulate big emotions and behaviours and get to practice self-regulation strategies using the exciting bio-technology game Mightier. Rather than feeling controlled by thoughts, feelings and biology, kids learn to weather their emotional storms, develop emotional super powers and learn to become the BOSS of their BRAIN. Each class will involve playing a Mightier game as well as mindfulness practice and brain education.

The Details.

  • A small group for children aged 5 to 9 run by Clinical Psychologist Lynn Jenkins
  • An hourly session each week for 10 weeks/term (research results are based on the program being presented in this way. However, anecdotal evidence suggests results occur in less time. Practice is needed to create more lasting results)
  • Each class will involve playing Mightier as well as general self-regulation teaching/practice
  • Parents are kept updated as to their child’s progress
  • Clinicians are happy to liaise with the child’s school as well if needed
  • Program start dates align with school terms

What Will Children Learn.

Kids directly experience what activities like slow, deep breathing does to help calm them. With repeated practice, kids also develop emotional muscle memory so that they automatically engage a calming strategy when they feel themselves becoming out of control.

  • Increased awareness of their own emotions
  • Increased ability to control big emotions
  • Increased ability to put the brakes on behaviours
  • How to maintain attention for longer
  • How to manage a tendency to be impulsive
  • How to ‘pause’ and slow down

Cost. $300 for 10-week program.

How to book. Enrol your child into the next Boss Brain program visit our program shop.

Bring Boss Brain to your school.

Working in private practice, we are aware of the realities of getting kids to sessions. It is not always easy and the timing of sessions is not always ideal. So, we can come to you! This way, we can work in with a child’s day and the school’s schedule. We can be accessible to key people in a child’s life and therefore ensure the continuity of information and strategies across home and school. To have the BOSS BRAIN program come to your school, please contact us at and we can arrange an introduction session.

For more information on the background of this program and more about Mightier, check out our Boss Brain flyer.