• Brave

    Have you ever needed to do something that made you nervous even thinking about doing? Kids do all the time. Going to bed, weathering through storms, going to school, speaking in class, making a new friend and so on. Children are expected to just get on with it! What they need is to find their BRAVE! Something that is inside of them but they just can’t find. The much-loved characters of Loppy and Curly are back to teach kids how to find their BRAVE.
  • The Boss Brain program teaches kids how to be the manager and director of their own emotions and behaviours. Over 10 weeks, kids will learn basic education about how the brain and nervous system work, gain strategies to down regulate big emotions and behaviours and get to practice self-regulation strategies using the exciting bio-technology game Mightier. Rather than feeling controlled by thoughts, feelings and biology, kids learn to weather their emotional storms, develop emotional super powers and learn to become the BOSS of their BRAIN. Each class will involve playing a Mightier game as well as mindfulness practice and brain education.To secure your spot in the Term 1 2020 Boss Brain program ENROL NOW.  A maximum of 10 places are available per term.For More Information on the Boss Brain program. Check out our BOSS BRAIN FLYER.  
  • Lessons of a Lac is a picture book that is really a resource tool! Through the characters, Loppy and Curly, your child will learn a useful ‘way’ to think about their worries – the first crucial step in managing it. Looking out for what can go wrong is all Loppy knows – until he meets Curly Calmster! Curly teaches Loppy that perhaps he doesn’t have to look out for worst-case scenarios all the time and, to Loppy’s surprise, life starts to look a bit different.
  • Best Start was written to give new parents information about what their babies and toddlers need in terms of the social and emotional development. It outlines what parents can do in order to meet these needs, and greatly start, not only their babies’ emotional development off well, but also their long term relationship with their little ones.
  • E-Book, Kindle & Apple formats.School Start focuses on the parts of starting school that is often missed: the social and emotional components. This great little book outlines what young children need in terms of their social and emotional development when they are in those early years of school. It also addresses parents and the feelings and reactions that go along with their children being at school. Being an ebook, School Start is very accessible and its conversational style makes it a very easy read.Buy This Book
    • Fantastic Loppy And Curly Plush Toys (pair)
    • 35cm Height
    • Fantastic Loppy Plush Toy (each)
    • 35cm Height
    • Fantastic Curly Plush Toy (each)
    • 35cm Height
  • Fantastic Loppy And Curly Finger Puppets (pair)
    • Perfect for little worriers to put in their pocket or bag to keep Curly's calm and encouraging words close by!
    • Set Of 12 Cards