You are the architect of your mind. With the right tools, you can master a strong build.

A busy mind is common in this unpredictable world of pace, technology and to do lists. It’s easy to see how our heads can buzz all the time with thoughts and chatter. Maybe you feel a bit angsty or you feel down or you get the occasional nervous poos? (yeah we said it) Or maybe you’ve just got so much up there, you feel like you could just snap or crumble.

When our minds go into overdrive, our brain and nervous system take over. This significantly effects our mental well-being and general outlook to life.

The Course.

The Golden Tools of Mindfulness is a practical online course that marries brain education with mindfulness strategies to help you live with less head noise and more calm. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn the basics of mindfulness and learn how to integrate it practically into their life.

It’s especially good for those who have busy minds or lives and want to control their thoughts, reactions and feelings.





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What you will learn.

Through six easy modules, ranging from 5 to 30 mins, you will learn brain education, mindfulness techniques and practice strategies. There is no time limit on the course, you can start and press pause at any time.

Signs you might need to pause.

  • You feel irritable

  • You get the nervous poos

  • Your head is ‘all over the shop’

  • You feel a sense of urgency

  • You stay awake thinking

  • You feel a bit down or angry

About the Educator.

Lynn Jenkins is a Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness Educator. She is also trained in brain neuroplasticity and hypnotherapy. For over 20 years she has worked with children, adults and families helping them to deal and master their big emotions and feelings. Lynn is also an accomplished author and presenter. She regularly presents to corporate and private businesses on the benefits of mindfulness and her books have materialised into a leading school education program. Lynn is also the creator of Boss Brain, a emotional regulation program for kids using bio-technology feedback and mindfulness strategies.