Anxiety and resilience go hand in hand. Understanding what anxiety actually is, allows the brain to manage it more effectively and build mental health resilience. Understanding anxiety gives individuals the power to be able to manage it both internally and externally. Knowing how it works, guides a person’s approach and strategies chosen to manage it. When it comes to using mindfulness and relaxation as a strategy, the real benefits flow when it is practiced.

Our Employee Wellbeing Webinars are designed to nurture this ideal combination. Delivered in a workshop for groups up to 20 people, our wellbeing webinars focus on part a) educating employees to understand anxiety and manage stress and part b) teaching employees how to stay ‘mentally healthy’ by providing easy mindfulness strategies and ongoing practice.

Our wellbeing webinars are a quick and effective way to engage groups of staff with education and skills in order to build team spirit and morale.

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