If you’re looking at this page and you’re a) having a sticky beak for ways you can broaden your horizons or b) you’re genuinely not stoked about your current work situation, then read on, we may have something for you.

We get this feeling. In fact, we began Life Matters over 20 years ago because we didn’t want to become stagnant in our craft and we were eager to create a place where we could do what we love (nurture minds and people) with the flexibility of being present for our family. This is our heartbeat.

To that end, there is nothing ‘same old or beige’ about us. We’ve got a seriously great team who are genuinely invested in others as well as in their own well-being. We’re often looking for people to join this awesome mix. So check out our current opportunities below. If there’s nothing of interest today but you think you could work with us – drop us a line.


Junior Admin Assistant– Closing Date, Friday 10th July at 5pm