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Appointments & Fees

Our fees vary in between $195.00 – $210.00 depending on which Psychologist you see. We are registered with most private health funds so you may be entitled to a partial rebate through your fund. The rebate will [...]

Leadership Coaching

Often people are promoted into leader roles but have not had previous formative experiences to be ready to provide effective leadership thinking and behaviours. Personal barriers such as difficulties demonstrating empathy [...]

Online Mental Health Assessment

It can be a daunting experience seeking help, and we would like you to know we see helping as a privilege and are passionate about providing engaging comprehensive and innovative ways to help people. We always [...]

Our Courses

Sleep Matters

All you need to know to help you ascertain and start to get a hold on your insomnia. Duska walks you step by step through a successfully implemented sleep program to help you beat insomnia! Each session is [...]

Sleep Matters for Kids

Providing you with educational & practical tools proven to help children improve their sleep this 4 part series covers an introduction to sleep - how much sleep does your child actually need - stimulus control - reinforcing [...]

Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness, amongst other useful things, helps us to see more clearly what our thoughts do to us. Gaining an understanding of what mindfulness is truely a key to making significant shifts in various feeling states. [...]