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It can be a daunting experience seeking help, and we would like you to know we see helping as a privilege and are passionate about providing engaging comprehensive and innovative ways to help people. We always aim to provide great responsive service.

To help us begin to understand your mental health before you arrive we would like to suggest you completing an online mental health assessment. This will help us to quickly understand your current mental health challenges as well as your personality. We will combine these results with the information we are able to gather through your first session to speed up the process of developing a treatment plan to build your resilience and mental health.

If you would like to complete an online assessment please click the button below:

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We provide a diverse range of psychological services aimed at assisting individuals, families, teams and organisations with their particular difficulties

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Life Matters invite you to connect with us on Facebook with the advantage of being part of the wider Life Matters Community, accessing and promoting whole of body and mind well-being. This will also give you the chance to participate and join in conversations on a range of topical items, receive an up to date selection of favourite articles from across the world, including links to cutting-edge innovative developments and research, as well as informative and fun articles, events, blogs and more.

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During your time with us we would like you to know that we are welcoming of your thoughts and comments to improve our services. Feel free to contact us if you would like to pass on some ideas. These ideas will be considered and a response provided.

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Welcome to The Meditation Space ‘a place to pause’. We are very passionate about helping people to experience the many benefits of Meditation.
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