The Program.

Boss Brain teaches kids (aged 5-10) how to be the manager and director of their own emotions and behaviours. Over 10 weeks, kids will learn basic education about how the brain and nervous system work, gain strategies to down regulate big emotions and behaviours and get to practice self-regulation strategies using the exciting bio-technology game Mightier paired with mindfulness practice and brain education.

Boss Brain would suit kids that…

  • Become easily bossed around by big emotions

  • Get overwhelmed easily

  • Tend to withdraw

  • Struggle to cope with some of the basics in life

What kids will learn.

Kids directly experience what activities like slow, deep breathing does to help calm them. With repeated practice, kids also develop emotional muscle memory so that they automatically engage a calming strategy when they feel themselves becoming out of control.

  • Increased awareness of their own emotions
  • Increased ability to control big emotions
  • Increased ability to put the brakes on behaviours
  • How to maintain attention for longer
  • How to manage a tendency to be impulsive
  • How to ‘pause’ and slow down

When and how does it run.

Boss Brain runs online in tandem with the school terms, one hour a week for 10 weeks on a Monday and Wednesday.

  • Term 3 starts Wed 29th July, 4:30-5:30pm
  • Term 4 starts Wed 14th October, 4:30pm-5:30pm

How to enrol.

If you’re interested in knowing more or you’re ready to enrol, see below.