Selecting the ‘best’ talent for positions within an organisation based on the traditional process of cover letters, Curricular Vitae and interviewing is like throwing a dart at a dartboard with your eyes closed. Sometimes you hit the target and find a talented person, sometimes you don’t and the exercise is a complete waste of time- for example trying to train a person who after the fact was clearly not capable.

Innovative recruiters have already begun to implement smart fast ways of finding the most talented people utilising systemised psychometrics testing.

Are you ready to optimise your recruitment methods? Would you like your organisation to be armed with innovative tools to automatically identify the training needs of your workforce? Can you identify the ‘talent gap’ in your workforce that needs to be filled in order to achieve organisational goals?

If not, it is a great time to join other market leaders in optimising HR Life Cycle processes to ensure organisational strategy/goals are achieved.

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